September 16, 2012

Murder in Lybia

Let’s face it, the vast majority of Muslims are a totally different kind of human being than the rest of us. It is bad enough that we have various protestant religions that are cock-sure that they have the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING but the truth; but they do not go on rampages, mindlessly murdering totally innocent people if someone knocks their religion or their object of worship.  In that, the Muslims are apart from the rest of the world. 

Please understand that I am not painting the entire Islamic world with a wide, wide brush. There exists intelligent Muslims, fair-minded Muslims.  Unfortunately, the broad mass of them are uneducated, unintelligent and just plain ignorant of how things are done in non-Muslim countries, especially in democratically run countries, such as the United States and, for that matter, the State of Israel.

The recent explosion of violence against American (and some non-American countries as well) were kicked off by a video some trouble maker posted on YouTube.  To the mindless mass of murderous Muslims, they have never heard of freedom of thought or freedom of expression.  The slavishly adhere to the writings of their “prophet” without realizing that there was no way that he could have written their holy books.  The guy was a polygamist pedophile!  And they get ticked off whenever anyone in the world says anything negative about him?  I’ve two words for them: Drop Dead.  On the other hand, LEARN about the rest of the world; you are not in the 14th century anymore.

Who in the hell do they think they are? God’s gift to the universe? They have zero compunction about destroying any other religion’s holy books, ZERO. They prohibit any non-Islamic religion from being in their countries.  Hell, they are not willing to let Israel exist because they think it is “Arab land.”

Many Muslims are just like the German people in WWII: They just follow orders.  Ask a western individual, “If Achmed blew himself up in a restaurant to kill unbelievers, would you blow up unbelievers, too?” I don’t know about YOU, but my answer would be HELL NO! They have stated repeatedly, “We love death as much as you love life.”  What kind of a human would do such a thing?

I’m an Air Force veteran. During Basic Training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas, a captain demanded admittance to my barracks. I refused his request.  “Airman, I am giving you a direct order from a superior officer.”

Well, that order was unlawful. Here you have a barracks containing 65 sleeping women, and I’m about to let that jerk inside because he gave me an unlawful order? Hell no!  Instead of acceding to his demand, I pressed the little panic button that summoned the Air Police.  In the U.S. Military, following orders blindly is an offence on the part of the person giving the order.

Islam is being bastardized by those who love to light fuses and then stand by and watch the fireworks.  The uneducated fools are those fireworks. It is unforgivable what they are doing to the world and somehow they need to be stopped in their tracks.


How that is going to have to happen I’ve not the foggiest idea. I’m just one person without the slightest idea of the who, what, when, where and how the Arab world is going to have to be put down, but put down they need to be at one point in history or another…and this is the time.


I’ve not bothered to look up the video, have any of you?  It is beyond my imagination of why anyone with half a brain would have done that video, for that matter I don’t know why anyone would call a university the way they did on 9-11-12 with a bomb threat.  There are a bunch of sickos out there and I feel so helpless…

BREAKING NEWS: Apparently, the person who created the objectionable video has been found and caught.  Now we have another problem on our hands. By using Free Speech, the individual indirectly caused the deaths of four American diplomats.

Now what?  He was free to do what he did, but did he have the moral right, knowing aforehand what the results might be?  I’ll leave that up to the legal beagles to figure out.

Suggestion for discussion: What, if any punishment might be due to the producer of that video.

If he know what the reaction would be, can he be guilty of inciting a riot? Can he be held responsible for the murders?  Comments are more than welcome.


Guns, bullets and the Constitution

July 24, 2012

The tragedy in Aurora, Colorado has brought out the nuts in the media once again. Even Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC’s The Last Word has been braying about controlling criminals from getting guns and ammunition.

Let’s get some uncommon sense back into the discussion.  First, as with most Americans, I was deeply shaken and saddened by the senseless action of what appears at first glance as a maniac.  But is he?

The horrible thing about what happened is that it could have been prevented. Here was a brilliant neuroscientist who was shooting for his doctorate when 1. he suddenly dropped out, 2. began acting in a manner that was not his usual behavior.

Whether or not his parents, for whom I have great sadness, knew his behavior was way off base for him or whether they were unaware of his change in character we may never know.  But what about the people who were around him?  Did not THEY see what was happening to the kid?

My take on this is that he was at the right age for the onset of schizophrenia—and that is exactly what happened to him.  The disease can strike literally overnight. He was studying in the field of neuroscience…why and how his sudden uncharacteristic behavior was overlooked by his peers and his professional instructors seems ludicrous!

It is impossible for me to express the depth and breadth of how much I am hurting for those poor innocent people who were murdered and those who were wounded, some critically.  As a crisis intervention/suicide prevention counselor I’ve had to deal with people who were stricken just as their lives were beginning; believe me, it is no picnic.

Although I am not a psychologist, I do know the signs of schizophrenia and that is precisely what happened to one of the most hated men in America today.  He must be removed from society for the rest of his life, but execution?  Do we really want to kill a mentally ill individual?

Getting back to the media’s hysteria about “We have to do something to prevent this from happening again” is just plain ignorance on display.  The kid was NOT a criminal when he legally purchased the weapons he committed his heinous acts with.   But SOMEONE could have known that the number of rounds of ammunition he was buying was suspicious.

Seldom do I obtain more than 50 or so rounds of ammunition unless I’m going to do a tremendous amount of target practice.  If I was a seller of ammunition and some civilian ordered six thousand rounds of ammo, I’d certainly notify some kind of authority and ask them to check up on the buyer; wouldn’t you?

Weapon ownership is perfectly legal in this country and will, hopefully, always will be.  It has been settled by SCOTUS.   So  let us simply accept that each of us has the right to own and use weapons.

The REASON we must be able to have weapons is because any government that is strong enough to take away a people’s means of protection is strong enough to enslave those people.  Our founders knew what being able to protect freedom meant; they were not fools.

An American value is that when one of us is down, we reach down to help that person back up.  At a time such as this, we could take the opportunity to care for each other more, to remember that despite all of our differences, there is one thing that keeps us together as one family: We are Americans and when a person is down we do NOT kick them.

In a few days or weeks, I’ll return to GMO and how it is killing us.  One preview, however is this.  The FDA, what I refer to as the Federal Death Admiration has no means of testing genetically modified foods and cannot test whether or not the food we purchase are safe for human consumption.  The seed companies and other biotech companies are the ones who tell the FDA that what they produce is fine and dandy for humans to eat.  Do you really want to trust companies such as Monsanto and their competitors to tell OUR government what is and isn’t safe?  I certainly do NOT trust them.

How so-called experts can say that obese women are giving birth to autistic spectrum disordered children and not make the connection between the garbage people eat that makes the obese is filled with chemicals that were never meant for human consumption and a gestating child is being bathed in those chemicals. Duh, I’m not an expert in those fields but yet several of us have made the connection!  How ‘bout you?

Genetic Modified Foods are FRANKENFOODS!

June 8, 2012

Who and what I am is of no importance; I’m not being modest, I’m frightened.

Three months ago, a surgeon told me that I had cirrhosis of the liver and required a liver transplant.  Pardon me…I do not drink alcoholic drinks.  No, I’m not religiously opposed to imbibing, I just don’t like the taste of the stuff or the way it makes me feel.  Can someone please tell me what is so much fun about drinking until they hold onto a toilet, losing everything they just put into their bodies, calling the toilet a deity of some kind (oh, god…oh god…). That is not fun in my book.

Being a part-time resident in hospitals for heart attacks, other surgeries and a massive hemorrhagic stroke, the thought of yet another life risking surgery was out of the picture.  I got an appointment with a GI specialist.  His diagnosis?  Fatty liver disease!

The only real cure is to lose massive amounts of weight and give my liver and pancreas a break.  As things turned out, had been reading a book, Wheat Belly by William Davis, M.D.  I’d been following his advice and had been losing weight.  In fact, I lost 70 pounds in eleven weeks!  Of  COURSE I was under my personal physician’s care during the process.  He approved of the weight loss because I was not losing water, I was losing FAT.

That is the good news; the bad news is now I really don’t have a thing to wear!  Yes, we ladies love to kvetch that we don’t have anything to wear, but this time I mean it!  I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and am still losing.

Is Dr. Davis’ advice to go on a diet?  Nope!  It is just a slight change in life style.  Please note the word “slight.”  Thanks to his advice, we now buy nothing that is not 100% organic.  I’ve heard the comment, “But organic foods are so expensive!  I can’t afford that.”  Really?  Well, our food budget has nosedived because we stopped eating anything containing growth hormones as in beef, chicken and farm grown fish.

What do you suppose happens to the hormones that cattle eat?  They’re supposed to eat grass, instead, they are fed artificial feed with various grains that have been genetically modified and are filled with growth hormones that make us HUNGRY MOST OF THE TIME.  That is why our food costs have nosedived…we eat only when we get hungry!  I sometimes find that I go for a day or two without eating anything; I am simply not hungry anymore.  When I get hungry, I eat.

Getting back to the hormones and their effects on human beings.  I recently was talking with a young lady who I thought was at least 18 years old.  Turned out, she was only eleven!  I hate to say this but she was built like a masonry outhouse!  She was built better than I’ll ever be and I’ve lived beyond three score and ten (I’m 71 years YOUNG).

Before you get the idea that I’m “over the hill” and don’t know much, I’m a Ph.D. in computer science and am retired from Microsoft Corp.  I am a voracious reader, the subjects I study are electric. If you want to regain the strength and energy you had when you were younger, no matter what  your current age is, buy, read and study Wheat Belly.

Last evening I was at a meeting at which several people I knew were present.  NONE of them recognized me!  Two reasons exist for that; first, I am no longer in a wheelchair all the time and second, because I’ve lost so much weight that my face is thinner with no  double or triple chin.  The sheer energy I have is what I had when I was in my 30s and 40s.  I’ve so much energy that I have problems falling and staying asleep.  All my body asks for is six hours of sleep. The great thing about that is that it gives me much more time to be up and running early in the morning to do the things I need and want to do.

Okay, rant over for now.  Next time I’m going to discuss how I’ve SURVIVED 5 heart attacks, open-heart surgery, a carotid artery endarterectomy, and a massive hemorrhagic stroke and was told that I would never talk, walk or work again.  Six months to the day of the stroke, I returned to work at Microsoft walking, talking and working.

Ciao…Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D.

Hello world!

May 19, 2012

Welcome to WordPress.com!

I have chosen WordPress as my blog host for now.  I’ll also be doing an echo on bevmar.com in the near future.

As most people who know me know, I have many opinions on various subjects.  I am three score and ten plus one years YOUNG.  so my opinions and suggestion are based on personal experiences and observation.  For example, if anyone still thinks that the U.S.A. is a democracy, they don’t realize the truth: We have become an Oligarchy run by Plutocrats.  The late Justice Brandeis said that we can have a democracy or have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few people…BUT WE CAN NOT HAVE BOTH!  With approximately 400 individuals holding over 50% of this country’s wealth, we are NO LONGER A DEMOCRACY.

Actually, we have  never been a democracy; we are a democratic republic.  A democratic republic means that the majority of the people hire…err…vote for people to represent them in Washington or Austin or even in our local towns and cities.  The problem is that if you are a Democrat or Independent and your “representative” is a Republican you don’t have a prayer of having any representation.  Any suggestion that you are a progressive is an automatic rejection by the “Representative,” worse, if your “Representative” does not like what you’ve written, they can CUT YOU OFF from contacting them completely.

Then there was the day that I wrote to my house “Representative,” one guy named Burgess.  I wrote him  that if Paul Ryan’s draconian budget went through, people would die.

YOU be the judge. Did I threaten his life in any way?  Hell no, that is a federal crime!  So why did my local police come knocking on my door with the charge that I had threatened the life of a federal official?  I like my local police; I think they are one of the best police force in the country and they listen to people.  As a matter of fact, I once had heat stroke and my brain was so cooked that I had to sit down on a curb on a busy street.  The Hurst, Texas police saved my life!  I’ll not go into the details, suffice it to say without them I may have gone into heat seizures which is usually result in death.

My kidneys were at the point of shutting down, the ER had no idea of what to do, but my sister did and instructed them what to do. She used to work in the Parkland Hospital’s Emergency Room also known as the “Pit.”   I was wheeled out of the ER without my kidneys having shut down!

My medical “education” has come from personal experience. Doctors are NOT gods…they screw up and when they do, guess who suffers?  While undergoing angioplasty, my cardiologist refused to stop pressing against my right main coronary artery and wound up splitting it causing blood to pour into the cardiac cavity.  That is how I got an 18″ scar in the middle of my chest and a new “belly button” where they inserted a drain.  A surgeon who failed to recognize that I was having pressure on my optic nerve caused me to have a massive hemorrhagic stroke.  At first they told my family that I would not make it through the morning.  Forty-nine units of whole blood and frozen plasma stopped the bleeding inside my brain.

Then I was told that I would never talk, walk or work again.  Pfffftttttt!  Six months to the day of the stroke (1-1-95) I returned to work at Microsoft Corp. walking, talking and working!  Why?  Because I had and still have a PASSION for helping people solve their software problems.  Unfortunately, I did lose what made me an engineer. My math and programming skills are gone and try as I might, I have been unable to regain them.  Eighteen months later, because my idiot neurologist refused to let me get off of Dilantin, an anti-seizure drug, and I began to experience the negative effects of tardive dyskinesia.  What, exactly is TD?  Just watch me some day.

I have to use a wheelchair much of the time because of the polyneuropathy I suffer from. That is where parts of the body become numb, yet the numb parts burn as though in a flame.  Both of my feet are affected and unless I constantly wear a