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May 19, 2012

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I have chosen WordPress as my blog host for now.  I’ll also be doing an echo on in the near future.

As most people who know me know, I have many opinions on various subjects.  I am three score and ten plus one years YOUNG.  so my opinions and suggestion are based on personal experiences and observation.  For example, if anyone still thinks that the U.S.A. is a democracy, they don’t realize the truth: We have become an Oligarchy run by Plutocrats.  The late Justice Brandeis said that we can have a democracy or have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few people…BUT WE CAN NOT HAVE BOTH!  With approximately 400 individuals holding over 50% of this country’s wealth, we are NO LONGER A DEMOCRACY.

Actually, we have  never been a democracy; we are a democratic republic.  A democratic republic means that the majority of the people hire…err…vote for people to represent them in Washington or Austin or even in our local towns and cities.  The problem is that if you are a Democrat or Independent and your “representative” is a Republican you don’t have a prayer of having any representation.  Any suggestion that you are a progressive is an automatic rejection by the “Representative,” worse, if your “Representative” does not like what you’ve written, they can CUT YOU OFF from contacting them completely.

Then there was the day that I wrote to my house “Representative,” one guy named Burgess.  I wrote him  that if Paul Ryan’s draconian budget went through, people would die.

YOU be the judge. Did I threaten his life in any way?  Hell no, that is a federal crime!  So why did my local police come knocking on my door with the charge that I had threatened the life of a federal official?  I like my local police; I think they are one of the best police force in the country and they listen to people.  As a matter of fact, I once had heat stroke and my brain was so cooked that I had to sit down on a curb on a busy street.  The Hurst, Texas police saved my life!  I’ll not go into the details, suffice it to say without them I may have gone into heat seizures which is usually result in death.

My kidneys were at the point of shutting down, the ER had no idea of what to do, but my sister did and instructed them what to do. She used to work in the Parkland Hospital’s Emergency Room also known as the “Pit.”   I was wheeled out of the ER without my kidneys having shut down!

My medical “education” has come from personal experience. Doctors are NOT gods…they screw up and when they do, guess who suffers?  While undergoing angioplasty, my cardiologist refused to stop pressing against my right main coronary artery and wound up splitting it causing blood to pour into the cardiac cavity.  That is how I got an 18″ scar in the middle of my chest and a new “belly button” where they inserted a drain.  A surgeon who failed to recognize that I was having pressure on my optic nerve caused me to have a massive hemorrhagic stroke.  At first they told my family that I would not make it through the morning.  Forty-nine units of whole blood and frozen plasma stopped the bleeding inside my brain.

Then I was told that I would never talk, walk or work again.  Pfffftttttt!  Six months to the day of the stroke (1-1-95) I returned to work at Microsoft Corp. walking, talking and working!  Why?  Because I had and still have a PASSION for helping people solve their software problems.  Unfortunately, I did lose what made me an engineer. My math and programming skills are gone and try as I might, I have been unable to regain them.  Eighteen months later, because my idiot neurologist refused to let me get off of Dilantin, an anti-seizure drug, and I began to experience the negative effects of tardive dyskinesia.  What, exactly is TD?  Just watch me some day.

I have to use a wheelchair much of the time because of the polyneuropathy I suffer from. That is where parts of the body become numb, yet the numb parts burn as though in a flame.  Both of my feet are affected and unless I constantly wear a